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Hi! I’m Jim Du Molin. I want to tell you about LeadFire, a quick and easy, proven method to put more new patients in your dental chair.
What most doctors really want is a simple way to get more new patient leads without having to spend a lot of time and money. And that’s the idea behind LeadFire.
After a quick set-up, you don’t have to do anything except make sure there’s someone at your front desk to answer the phone when your new patients start to call. So how does LeadFire work?
It starts with people searching the internet for a dentist in your local area. Some of these patients will end up on your current website some will end up on your competitors’ websites. And some will end up on specially optimized web dental marketing portals that LeadFire puts up on your behalf.
Each LeadFire web portal has a special phone number. When someone calls LeadFire logs the call and passes it directly to your front desk. Callers are asked to press “1” if they are a new patient. Since LeadFire only records calls from new patient leads the system is HIPAA-compliant. Later the LeadFire team reviews the call recording to verify if it is truly a new patient lead.
Now let’s talk about exactly what a lead is. A lead is someone calling the doctor’s office to schedule an appointment or ask a question about the practice’s services. You are never charged for calls from current patients, hang-ups, wrong numbers, telemarketers, robots, or politicians looking for votes.
You can check every lead that calls into your office with your online control panel. If there’s any call that you don’t think is a lead, just mark it in your online control panel. We’ll double-check it and correct it.
Now, I know most of you probably already have a website. The nice thing about LeadFire is that it doesn’t interfere with any of your other dental practice marketing. You keep doing what you’ve been doing, and LeadFire fills in the gaps. Before we build your dental office marketing portals, we’ll take stock of your current Internet dental marketing. We don’t want to put up anything that will directly compete with your current practice marketing!
If you’ve already got a website that’s ranking on the first page of Google for, say “Sacramento Braces” or “Cleveland Implants,” we won’t build a web portal that competes with your already successful marketing. Instead, our team will build your LeadFire dental marketing around the clinical skills you offer that are NOT currently ranked at the top of the search engines. For example, if you offer implants, but don’t have web marketing that’s ranking well LeadFire will promote your dental implant services.
In addition, you can choose whether or not to target insurance patients Medicaid or other types of government assistance programs. The choice is yours.Our job with LeadFire is to make sure that you have the leads you need to be successful. The end result is more new patients for your dental practice. All you have to do is enroll and complete your practice profile. 10 minutes. It’s that simple.
If you would still like more information on how LeadFire works just continue watching the rest of this video for more details. Or choose an option below and click the Next button to start putting more new patients in your chair today.
Right now virtually all of you have a practice website. LeadFire’s patented technology allows us to build multiple web marketing portals for all of your high value clinical skills without generating search engine penalties for duplicate content or hurting your current dental marketing.
Every day doctors tell me that in addition to their practice websites they’re also involved with Demand Force Yodel 1-800-Dentist and others. These are all good companies and if they’re working for you, you should absolutely keep them in your marketing mix.
But there’s one big problem with these companies they all require you to pay regular monthly fees even before you get any results. Demand Force will ask for $300 a month, minimum. Yodel will ask for $128 per city per month! (That’s a lot of money). 1-800-Dentist wants anywhere from $1,600-2,000 a month. And of course, none of these programs can guarantee you’ll get new patients.
With the LeadFire solution, you’re paying for results – real, verified new patient leads delivered directly to your office. None of these other companies will do that for you! What’s even more important, none of these companies are building your reputation.
Why do you want to spend thousands of dollars to build someone else’s brand in your local marketplace instead of your own reputation? LeadFire’s marketing solution showcases your skills your credentials your brand and your reputation all while generating new dental patient leads for your practice. Ours is a pay for performance program. If we don’t perform you don’t pay. Period.
The new LeadFire technology allows us to more than triple your Internet footprint based on all your clinical skills without harming your current Internet dental marketing! We’re going to build you our patented web marketing portals of 100 pages or more each targeted at what the dental consumer is really looking for.
On top of that each LeadFire portal will also come with a complete smart phone and tablet website to reach every corner of the ever-expanding mobile consumer market. In addition each of your clinical skills will be fully displayed on our system of over 600 national and local dental directories at no additional cost to you.
Your LeadFire solution has built-in call tracking for each of your state-of-the-art web marketing portals. Now when a patient calls your office from one of your new LeadFire dental practice marketing portals the message asks them to press “1” if they’re a NEW patient, or press “2” if they’re a CURRENT patient. Either way, the call is routed to the same place your front desk. The difference is with our computerized call tracking we’ll have a record to verify if that person is a new patient.
The reality is we want to double-check if these are really new patients or vendors trying to sell you something or even worse politicians trying to get your vote. Believe it or not that can be up to 50% of the calls that come through! You are only charged for real new patient leads Verified by real human beings. This is a pay-for-performance program. We take all the risk. We build out the additional sites and you get real leads.
Now, at this point I usually get a question, “What do we consider a lead?” It’s simple. A lead is someone who is not a current patient who contacts your practice to schedule an appointment or ask a question about your services. Leads are NOT calls from current patients, vendors, personal calls, hang-ups or messages without adequate contact information. You will never be charged for any of those calls.
You are only charged for verified leads. Telephone or email messages without adequate contact information are not included. A member of our team reviews each lead to verify it meets the standard. You can check every lead that calls into your office with your online control panel. If there’s any call that you don’t think is a lead just mark it. We’ll double-check it and correct it.
Do you want more insurance patients? Fine! Don’t want Medicaid patients or other supplemental programs? No problem just tell us and our call review team will automatically take them out of your new patient lead count. Does that work for you?
As part of this program all incoming appointment requests both emails and phone calls are tracked and recorded for your own personal quality review. This monitoring lets you determine how well your front desk team is performing at converting new patient leads to patients in your dental chair.
Now, some people have asked me to only charge them once the new patient is in their dental chair. Sorry folks, that’s illegal in most states and on the federal level too. The bottom line it’s illegal to sell patients. It’s legal to sell leads.
Finally there’s one more really good reason why you should choose the LeadFire solution. Your goal as a businessperson is to acquire a new patient at the lowest possible cost, and we’ll guarantee you that you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a new dental patient marketing program for a lesser cost than our LeadFire pay-for-performance solution.
Our job with LeadFire is to make sure that you have the leads you need to be successful. The end result is more new patients for your dental practice. To get started, choose an option below and click the “Next” button to start putting more new patients in your chair today.