Dental Websites vs. New Patient Marketing Portals – Which Design is Best?

The LeadFire new patient solution includes new patient marketing portals that are like dental websites on steroids! Each dental website design is specifically targeted at a particular dental market – family, cosmetic, implants, braces, etc.

Each of these portals has its own URL web address, search engine optimization, design, and over 100 pages of targeted and personalized content – everything you’d expect from an ultra-high-end dental website costing many thousands of dollars.

LeadFire is bringing you the future of online dental marketing to add even more new patients to your practice each month.

Now, you don’t need to wait for a web designer to make changes to your site. You’re not married to a single design or color scheme. You can target the exact patients you want by dental market and geographic area. Make a single change in your LeadFire Control Panel, and every single page of your portal will be updated in a heartbeat.

Totally Customizable Dental Websites for Your Internet Dental Marketing

You have virtually total control over your Internet marketing solution, including the look, feel and design of each of your marketing portals. With 24/7 access to your own customized LeadFire Control Panel, you can change or update your portals in less than 60 seconds, and manage your entire marketing program.

Change the entire look and feel – of up to 200 pages of dental website design – in seconds. Just drag and drop from our list of over 50 design concepts, and your entire web portal will be updated in a heartbeat.

Attract new patients from your local area with copy on your dental practice web portal that is automatically geo-targeted for your home city and surrounding area.

LeadFire Portals are websites – but it’s also important to realize that they’re far more powerful, dynamic, and customizable than old-fashioned websites.

Target particular types of high-value new patients: cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, sedation dentistry, braces and orthodontics, dentures, etc.

Dental Practice Websites Generate More High-Value New Patient Leads

LeadFire New Patient Marketing Portals are like giant magnets, drawing in the high-value new patients that you have specifically targeted – in your home city and surrounding geography. Each website portal is designed to deliver the exact type of high-value new patient you are targeting.

Not only do LeadFire website portals act as new patient magnets to your practice, they set you up as the “authority” on dentistry in your community, helping you close a higher number of larger treatment plans.

Each site is designed to attract a specific type of “high-value” new patient and rate well with the Internet search engines (Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, etc.). These next-generation dental web portals can work as your primary practice website or alongside any existing website you may already have in place.

In fact, many practices benefit from having multiple high-targeted dental website portals for each of the services your practice offers.