Dental Website Design Library

With the LeadFire new patient generation solution, you’ll get access to the Dental Website Template Library, which offers you total control of the look and feel of your dental website.

In your online Control Panel, you choose which “skin” to use as the basic design template for your entire website.

When you select a new dental web design, the look and feel of every page of your website will be updated in seconds. Changing dental website templates is as easy as dragging and dropping from our library of over 50 dental website designs.

You can always change the skin of your website with the click of a button. Your entire practice website will instantly be updated with your new dental website design.

Customize Your Dental Web Design

Each of LeadFire’s dental web templates includes default stock images, but you have control over all the images on your website. You can change any image you want to a different stock photo from our library, or you can even upload your own images.

The text that appears in the header of your website is up to you. You specify your practice name as you want it to appear on your website, as well as an optional line of certification text (like “General Dentist,” “Family Dentistry,” or “Orthodontist”).

You can also change the slogans that appear in your header. Default text has already been selected, but you can choose other text from our slogan library, or write your own.

Instantly Update Your Web Template

Any dental website design changes you make in the LeadFire Control Panel will be reflected on your live site almost instantly. You can continue to make changes to your portal design using your Control Panel until you’re 100% satisfied.

LeadFire’s dental web development team has created a library of over 50 web templates for you to choose from. You could pay a dental website designer thousands of dollars… or you could learn how to design a dental website yourself… or you could just make use of LeadFire’s dental webpage design library!