Targeting Dental Patients: Dental Marketing for High-Value New Patients

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Targeting dental patients is easy with LeadFire Dental Marketing. Our marketing solution targets the specific categories of high-value new patients that will be most profitable to your practice.

Each LeadFire website is targeted at one Primary Dental Market, and optionally for up to three Secondary Dental Markets.

The Primary Dental Market is the one single dental treatment service that you want to target with this website. It may be general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, braces, dental insurance – whatever types of patients you want to reach.

We have marketing solutions for both general dental practitioners and board certified specialists. In general, we recommend that dental practice marketing with LeadFire should target between 3-5 dental markets, depending on your team’s clinical skills and the types of new patients you want to attract. Many of our doctors later expand their dental marketing as their success grows, targeting dental patients in more dental markets.

With pay-per-lead dental marketing from LeadFire, we will automatically select which markets to target. You tell us what services you offer; we’ll select the markets that are (1) most profitable, and (2) underserved by your current web marketing.

With LeadFire’s dental website marketing program, you choose the number of web portals you’d like and which dental markets you’d like to target.

Attract More Local New Patients by Geo-Targeting Your Dental Website Marketing

Geo-targeting your marketing by geographic area is key to getting local patients to find you online. Each LeadFire web portal targets your primary city as well as up to five geographic markets surrounding your office.

The Primary Geographic Market is always the location of the primary practice associated with that website, and will be automatically loaded when a website is first built. You can also add up to five more additional geographic areas that will be listed on your web marketing. This information will help your website appear in the search engines for local searches.

When adding geographic areas, you should be targeting dental patients in areas from which you are currently getting the most new patients. These will frequently be neighboring towns or cities, but not always! It all depends how people in your area search for local information. In a big city, you might use neighborhood names; in a rural area, you might use regional identifiers.

Targeting Dental Patients by Dental Market: LeadFire Dental Marketing Campaigns

Campaigns for General Practitioners:

  • Anxiety Free Patients
  • Children’s Dentistry Patients
  • Cosmetic / Restorative Patients
  • Dental Implant Patients
  • Denture Patients
  • Family / General Dentistry Patients
  • Gum Disease Patients
  • Invisalign Patients
  • Minimal Sedation Patients
  • Orthodontics / Invisalign Patients
  • Orthodontics Patients
  • Root Canal Patients
  • Sedation Patients
  • TMJ / TMD Patients
  • Tooth Whitening Patients
  • Wisdom Teeth Patients
  • Dental Insurance Patients

Campaigns for Board Certified Specialists:

  • Endodontist Patients
  • Oral Surgery Patients
  • Orthodontist Patients
  • Orthodontist / Invisalign Patients
  • Pedodontist Patients
  • Periodontist Patients
  • Prosthodontist Patients